Structural overview

Ever since its establishment by Monika and Heinz-Peter Schmedes in 1986, the firm “Schmedes Industrie- und Handelsausrüstung GmbH” has been a family-run enterprise, now in the second generation with Norbert and Peter Schmedes. The unity of ownership and leadership, the respect for the employees, the business success spanning generations, and the trusting partnership in dealings with our customers and suppliers all reflect the sustainable value system of the company.

Schmedes purchases, treats, processes, packages, stores and distributes products to industrial and trading companies from a wide range of sectors.

Our product spectrum includes:

Bremerhaven Fischereihafen

Our headquarters has been situated in Bremerhaven’s Fischereihafen area since 1990. With a size of 480 ha (plus 150 ha of water surface), this industrial zone is the centre of the German fish-processing industry and the base for many leading companies in this sector. As a multi-purpose commercial and industrial estate with port access and an excellent infrastructure, embedded in a master concept of production, logistics and scientific services, Fischereihafen Bremerhaven offers optimum conditions, not only for the fish- and food-processing industries. This environment puts us in a good position to supply our customers with high-quality, innovative and cost-optimized products – nationwide and in the neighbouring countries.

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